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    Welcome to the Central Basketball Association

    The Central Basketball Association (CBA) welcomes everyone to the continuance of a fresh concept in the world of minor league basketball. Strong, financially sound teams. Online video rebroadcasts of league games. Detailed & accurate team and individual statistics. Strict adherence to International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules. Taking advantage of technological resources through a user-friendly website and mobile-application. Playing in front of larger media markets. Working directly with agents and scouts as a genuine bridge for players to get overseas contracts in Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and South America. All led under a strong corporate-style management structure. 

    These attributes one will not find apparent in any other minor league basketball league or organization. Until now. Welcome to the Central Basketball Association.    

    The three-month CBA season, which is set to begin its fourth season in 2016, begins at the end of March each year and concludes at the end of May. Following the season, the league works diligently behind the scenes to help its players earn opportunities to try out and secure contracts with international organizations across the globe. 

    Countdown to the 2016 CBA Season (Year 4)


    CBA & NBA

    Sampson Carter

    CBA Team: Mississippi Eagles

    NBA Team: Memphis Grizzlies

    College: University of Massachusetts

    Position: Forward (6-8, 225)

    Pictured With: Vince Carter (8-time NBA All-Star; former NBA Rookie of the Year; in his 20th season in the NBA & 2nd with Grizzlies)

    Note: First CBA player to play in the NBA (2015)

    CBA & NBA D-League

    Brandon Harris

    CBA Team: Bowling Green Hornets

    NBA D-League Team: Oklahoma City Blue

    College: Western Kentucky University

    Position: Guard (6-1, 175)

    Pictured With: Marcus Teague (former 1st-round selection of the Chicago Bulls in 2012; younger brother of Atlanta Hawks' Jeff Teague)

    Note: First CBA player to receive NBA D-League opportunity (2015)

    CBA Players Signed Overseas

    CBA Players Signed Overseas

    CBA Players Signed Overseas

    CBA Quick Facts

    League Founded:

    • 2013 (entering 4th season)

    Season Preview Press Releases:

    • USA Today (2014-15 season)
    • Associated Press (2014-15 season)
    • Associated Press (2013-14 season)

    Players Drafted From League:

    • (2) 2015 NBA D-League Draft
    • (1) 2014 NBL-Canada Draft
    • (1) 2013 NBL-Canada Draft

    Team Ownership Backgrounds:

    • Former NASCAR Drivers
    • Former Harlem Globetrotters
    • Former NCAA Coaches & Athletic Directors
    • Former International Basketball Athletes
    • Former NFL Players
    • Former MiLB Athletes

    CBA Quick Facts

    Players Sent Overseas: 94

    • North America (31)
    • Asia (22)
    • Europe (17)
    • South America (17)
    • Australia (5)
    • Africa (2)

    International Contracts Offered: 43

    • Europe (16)
    • South America (8)
    • Asia (8)
    • North America (7)
    • Australia (3)
    • Africa (1)

    Professional Domestic Opportunities: 5

    • NBA D-League (4)
    • NBA (1)

    2015 Leaders

    2015 Leaders

    CBA Quick History (2015)

    Year: 2015

    Teams: (8) Bowling Green, Chattanooga, Fort Wayne, Memphis, Middle Tennessee, Mississippi, Peoria, Springfield

    Regular Season Champion: Chattanooga (7-1 record)

    Playoffs: (1) Chattanooga, (2) Bowling Green, (3) Memphis, (4) Fort Wayne, (5) Mississippi, (6) Middle Tennessee, (7) Springfield, (8) Peoria

    League Champion: (2) Bowling Green

    League Runner-Up: (4) Fort Wayne

    Coach of Year: Paul Gaffney (Chattanooga)

    Most Valuable Player: Mardracus Wade (Mississippi)


    CBA Quick History (2014)

    Year:  2014

    Teams: (7) Bowling Green, Chattanooga, Fort Wayne, Memphis, Middle Tennessee, Peoria, St. Louis

    Regular Season Champion: Chattanooga (7-1 record)

    Playoffs: (1) Chattanooga, (2) Middle Tennessee, (3) Fort Wayne, (4) St. Louis

    League Champion: (2) Middle Tennessee

    League Runner-Up: (4) St. Louis

    Coach of Year: Rodney English (Chattanooga)

    Most Valuable Player: Antonio Cannon (Fort Wayne)



    CBA Quick History (2013)

    Year: 2013

    Teams: (4) Bowling Green, Middle Tennessee, Peoria, St. Louis

    Regular Season Champion: St. Louis (5-2 record)

    Playoffs: (1) St. Louis, (2) Bowling Green

    League Champion:  (1) St. Louis

    League Runner-Up: (2) Bowling Green

    Coach of Year: Floyd Irons (St. Louis)

    Most Valuable Player: Demarco Polk (Middle Tennessee)