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League Transaction Rules

During the course of the season, each team, as is the case in any league, registers players, removes players, or place players on Injured Reserve (IR). The deadline for all teams to perform their respective transactions is by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the Wednesdays prior to that week's game action. Thus, this page will be updated every Thursday morning to communicate to each team's fan base, media, scouts, agents, and other followers, the league transactions their respective team made that week. The current roster rules are summarized as the following: 

Each team must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 15 players on their roster. If a player is placed on Injured Reserve, that player does not count against a roster spot; however, said player will be ineligible to play for a minimum of 3 games. If a player is removed from a particular team, either because the team is attempting to stay between the confines of the 15-player maximum roster or because they no longer need that particular player's services at that time, he is ineligible to be picked by that team for a minimum of 3 games. The removed player; however, is free to join any other team in the league without restriction. Players that are ejected from a particular game serve automatic minimum 1-game suspensions, with the possibility of greater punishment after review from the League. There are no roster exemptions made for suspended players. Finally, in order to be eligible for the post-season, a player must have been active for at least 1 regular season game with their respective team.